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Big 802 Karaoke Contest


October 5th 

City Limits Nightclub, Vergennes


What is the event?

30 contestants sing in front of  three judges to win the big prize. Our judges are full of personality and they love to entertain the crowd as much as the singers.  This encourages crowds to come watch because it’s fun, exciting and entertaining. This type of karaoke night seems to bring the most amazing un-heard voices out of the wood works.  The Big VT Karaoke Competitions are held a couple times in a year and in different parts of the state to build the event in each location with great anticipation.

How we do the contest:

Singers are given a contestant number.  The judges are hidden during the singers performance. If they hear a voice they would like to have continue in the competition, they reveal themselves to select the singer for the next round. All contestants sing the first round. The selected singer from the judges then proceed to the second round. And the final three for the win.   

There are opportunities to win prizes for attendants too!


Lots of local business have donated prizes to go along with the cash prize. 

Generous prizes have been donated from these amazing and supportive VT Businesses:

Do or Dye Salon

Bury the Needle Tattoo

Guitar Sam

Nelsons Ace True Hardware

The WigGoddess

Shear Cuts

Eagle Country 97.5 donates lots of small prizes including small gift certificates and concert tickets if available

…  just to name a few.


The last three contests we have done in the state, we have had to turn away people at the door because we packed the venue. 

Our first contest the owner of the venue said to me “I eat my words of saying this would be a flop. We can barely keep up with the crowd. Thank you so much, when can we do this again?”  G.M - Red Fox, Jeffersonville

We draw new people to each venue with a purpose… to sing. We encourage each singer to bring their crowd to cheer them on. 

Big 802 Karaoke Competition: Services
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