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Off the List Is a 3 piece band from the upper valley Vermont/ New Hampshire area that covers all kinds of music from classic and today’s rock & country to pop and dance music  - with an original pop/ punk twist! We love to have a blast while you dance the night away!



Country / Rock Country

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, band leader and all around working man
are just some of the words used to describe Tim Brick. Born the son of a
hard living long distance trucker, Tim’s music reflects a soulful edge that
isn’t afraid to get rowdy, while at the same time, is tempered by a surprising
Standing on the stage since the early age of twelve, Tim is right at home
entertaining audiences. His ability to engage the audience and draw them
into his songs is what separates him from the average entertainer. His
characteristic hard work ethic has led to four independent releases….
Borderline(2009), Free To Run(2011), Three of a kind EP(2013) & his
latest effort, Just Passin’ Through(2017). Subsequently, his passion for
music was rewarded when he was nominated for ICoMA(Independent
Country Music Association) Best Country Male Artist in 2013 and again in
2014. His album Just Passin’ Through, was awarded 1he 2017 Tammie
Award for “Best Country Album” as well a 2019 nomination for “Best in
State” – (Vermont) from The New England Music Awards.
Wanting to further his musical experience, he relocated to Austin, TX in
January 2015. Proceeding to play clubs throughout central Texas, he
introduced his brand of country to an entirely new audience. The exposure
eventually led to the opportunity to open for country artist, Hal Ketchum at
the 2015 Blanco River Flood Festival.
Tim has since returned to the roots of his green mountain home to
continue his musical journey. A journey that most recently included opening
for Grammy Award winning artist, Dan Tyminski at The Vermont State Fair.
Raw, real and genuine to the core, that’s what Tim and his music are all
about. Qualities that never go out of style!

engaging heart feltperformance.
Raw, real and genuine to the core…. Qualities that never go out of style!


A Tribute to Ann Wilson of Heart & Led Zeppelin

HEARTLESS is the Ultimate New England Tribute to Ann Wilson of Heart and Led Zeppelin. A touring act for the upper East Coast, and based out of Vermont with a goal of playing each song as true to live version of Heart's performances and matching the character and original costumes of Ann Wilson. This band plays all the classic Heart songs and the Led Zeppelin covers commonly covered by Heart throughout their decades of tour.


Live Progressive House/Dance

The Electrolads are creating a space for raw dance culture, stripping down the EDM experience to its foundations of pure music and movement.

Experimenting with techno, deep house, musical instruments and a fusion of global sounds, the Vermont-based livetronica band is determined to use the power of pulsating music to encourage self-love, awareness and human connection.



Pop/House/Trance/Top 40

Bringing a live mix of progressive House and Trance, DJ LaFountaine captures the soul of dance in every beat!

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All Rock, Country and Pop

Chris Powers steams from the upper valley area of New Hampshire as full time musician in bands, Acoustic acts and a dj on the side. Chris covers all kinds of music from classic rock to today’s rock, country of all ages as well as pop and dance songs and creates a show to help everyone in any venue let lose, dance hard and sing their lungs out!



Rock/Blues Rock/Pop

Imagine That started with the notion of creating a band that had a different approach to the songs that we played. Rather than try and fit into a particular mold, we decided to let the band and the set list grow organically. What has evolved is a wide variety of music that always seems to have the Imagine That sound regardless of the genre or category. If you like a fresh blend of pop, funk, rock and soul....this is a band you won’t want to miss!



Americana infused Indie Folk Rock

Joe brings the Americana infused Indie Folk Rock sound to everywhere he goes. Vermont based, Massachusetts raised singer-songwriter Joe Sabourin has been releasing music under the moniker My Mother's Moustache for over three years. Sabourin mixes a dynamic and precise approach to the guitar with emotional, experience-driven lyrics. Drawing from a well of musical experiences that includes performing Folk, Bluegrass, Americana, and Celtic music, he conjures up a sound that you think you've heard, but never experienced quite like this: a fusion of Folk music and any other genre that comes knocking.



The Tragically Hip Tribute

Fully Completely Hip (a Tragically Hip Tribute) hail from the small town of Cornwall Ontario, Canada. Audiences are treated to a great selection of songs from the Hip library but the band will be visually pleasing too, bringing to the stage the theatrics and visuals that make the Hip the Hip. It goes without saying that if you are a fan of the Tragically Hip, then you don’t want to miss Fully Completely Hip! Sean Hurley brings the vocal flavor and performances of “Gordon Downie” to each live performance. Join us in this truly hip celebration!



Classic & Heavy Rock

The RoadTrash Band hails from Windsor, the birthplace of Vermont, and brings a very stripped-down and dirty vintage rock & roll sound to venues all over New England.  Screaming guitar solos, powerhouse drums and gritty vocals are what this band is known for.



A unique tribute to KISS

Dr Strangeways is a Unique experience that brings the early years of KISS to you with some really cool twists! We bring forth KISS'S music and the show in a unique new take on being a KISS Tribute band for all to see and enjoy!. Delivering all the best KISS hits complete with costume, make-up, and one rockin' stage show.



Rock 'n Roll

Jester Jigs started recording for our first lp with producer Dana Colly, from the Boston band Morphine. After completing the first LP we started consistently playing all over new England. Performing shows in Boston to fall river MA, Burlington VT, NH and everywhere in between. After several studio albums jester jigs finally found its sound with 2008's Brainfather Album. 
performing a mix of 60's, 70's and 80's rock, Pop/punk hits, and pop covers, you can now find us playing over 100 shows a year all over New England.
We are driven to entertain with a set list consisting of your favorite party songs, rock Anthems, Fun Hip Hop and pop covers along with an endless supply of originals when called upon.


Classic & Modern Rock

Mirage has been rocking New England for many years - originally formed in 1985 – and still retains all but one of the original members. Comprised of seasoned professionals, Mirage is able to take on some of the more difficult classic rock favorites. And there are plenty of great dance songs mixed in too. Five singers and great harmonies. Mirage is stirring up the local music scene with their new set list – come see what everyone’s talking about!




The Wheelers are a Dance Centric Cover band based in VT. We specialize in Weddings, private events and restaurant/pubs. We enjoy creating a fun environment and a party atmosphere. We play a wide variety of genres and also offer DJ and MC services for events.



Dan and Faith are a New England-based husband and wife singer-songwriter duo who describe their music as dream-inspired folk. Daniel Senie (guitar, banjo, harmonica, vocals) and Faith Senie (mandolin, bass guitar, dulcimer, ukulele, vocals) tap into dreams and everyday life in crafting their original songs.



Classic & Modern Rock

Son of a Gun is a rock band out of Burlington, VT consisting of five members.

All members have been in the music business 40+ years, and have played music of all genres, in bands all over the country. Venues have consisted of bars, festivals, weddings, private parties and fairs.
The band has two cd's of original music out, on iTunes, spotify, cdbaby and Amazon. Our cover music consists of artists such as Green Day, STP, Chris Stapleton, BUSH, Black Crowes, Tragically Hip, The Pretenders, Styx, Gwen Stephanie, Ted name a few. Our show will make you want to get up out of your seats and dance the night away.



VT's #1 80's Dance Party Band

Raised on a secret Russian hog breeding farm in Marshfield, Vt, these 5 exquisite examples of musical swine soundered together with only one desire: to get yer booty shaking to the finest dance tunes from the 80's and beyond.

Playing hits from bands like Talking Heads, George Michael, Rolling Stones, INXS, A-Ha, The Fixx, Power Station, Modern English, Violent Femmes, Stray Cats, David Bowie, Billy Idol, J.Geils Band, The Clash, Prince, Devo, and many, many more. 



Funk, Blues, Rock and Folk

Drawing from a well of musical experiences that includes performing Folk, Motown, Funk, Blues, and World music, these talent artists conjure up an original sound that you think you've heard, but never experienced quite like this. While each song tells a different story, these artist create a sonic atmosphere where songs can grow and transform based on the moment, mood, or room.




Energetic rhythms and captivating melody , Jacobs Green brews bona fide homegrown music. Blues singer/songwriter with a twist, Jacob Green , becomes an 'OneManBand', Stomp Box under foot, harmonica upon neck, strumming instruments tirelessly touring the country.



From Blues to Pop and everything in between

Upbeat Trio that has been playing in the Upper Valleys of NH and VT since 2006. Music selection ranges from Blues, Country, Classic Rock to Modern Pop. We specialize in venues with a laid back dinner setting requiring lower volume for conversation, all the way to rocking private events or your Holiday Parties in door or outdoor!



Playing the hits from Soft and Classic Rock to the the Blues

With a heavy influence of James Taylor, Kevin brings an unmatched acoustic performance playing all the favorites from The Eagles, to Elton John, Tori Amos, to his own originals and improvisational spins of classic rock and blues. He is true to the lyric

"sing us a song you're the piano man"

Cooie Sings Main.jpg



Cooie’s clear and vibrant vocal stylings bring lyrics to life, whether she’s singing traditional tunes, popular songs, or originals. Her beautiful, tone perfect, soulful voice  brings new life to both traditional and popular songs, and her music encompasses a dollop of blues, a touch of jazz, a bit of folk and some old time rock'n'roll. Cooie brings to each song a true and melodic voice as well as unique interpretive skills, using expressive vocal arrangements to take a lyric back to its foundation. Her beautiful and full voice is a joy to the soul and her passion for a song's meaning and spirit will evoke the same feelings in you. Cooie's soulful, melodic voice will surprise and please you, and her musicality will move you.




Unleashing a blend of soul, country, blues, and folk favorites with her guitar and bluesy vocals, Stefani Capizzi plays a mixture of songs, including original creations that will leave you pondering life, love, and bittersweet truths. Her renditions of many timeless favorites will have you singing along – as she draws you in with her love of music, contagious energy, and engaging performance



One man band for Babyboomers

One-man-band, guitar, harmonica, foot drums, banjo, uke, vocals.  Playing music that people love and sing along with from the 50's -70's.



Classic & Modern Rock

Supernatural is a VT-based rock band that plays a unique blend of original and cover material to bring the house to its feet! Playing the rock everyone loves from Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls, and Billy Idol to Def Lepard, Poison and Kiss.



Acoustic Rock

Jeff Shelley provides acoustic versions of classic and soft rock. His coffehouse style approach sets the tone to every venue he plays.



Hard Rock

NOS4A2 is a Vermont based Hard Rock/Metal band. Covering bands such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Accept, Scorpions, older Def Leppard, Primal Fear, Ozzy, and more. Bringing this genre of music back from the grave it's been buried in for so long.



We have provided gigs and contracted performance agreements for these amazing bands below:

Willy Porter & Carmen Nickerson

Bon-Fire (Ac/Dc Tribute to Bon Scot

Chad Hollister Band


Scarab - The Journey Experience

Magic Bus - Tribute to The Who

Shot of Poison - Tribute to Poison


DJ Loud

Robin Gottfried Band

Dirty Looks

Pitz Quattrone & The Freelancers


Strange Purple Jelly


Lazer Dads

Native Tongue

Stone Bullet

Imagine That


Elizabeth Renaud

Chasing Dorothy

Near North

DJ Guy Miller


Lyons  Disciple

DJ Amanda Rock

Nite Sky

Party Crashers

Ted Mortimer

Route 100

Bad Horsey

Steve Hartman

Roderick August

... and the list keeps growing....