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Artist Booking Services


GigginVT Productions is always reaching out to new venues, festivals, and promoters for special events for bands that sign up for our services. This provides ongoing exposure for each membership artist that we work with. While some artist may not be appropriate for each event, the exposure remains for future events and to all new venue and event planners coming in. 

We do not offer management services for artist, which allows the artist to freely book gigs throughout the year. The gigs we are given for recruitment are offered by the venue through contract, meaning no other outside artist may book for that particular event. 


Standard Booking Artist do not pay an annual fee. Artist who sign up for the standard booking services will be considered next in line after all membership artist have been given an opportunity to book current open gigs/events.  If you only want standard booking, you don't have to do a thing!  Because you got this email.... your on our list! 

GigginVT Productions charges %10 for all events booked with a guaranteed fee.

For Example:  A venue offers $500.00 for a guaranteed fee or the door fee whichever is higher. If an artist brings in $800.00 at the door, GigginVT’s fee is still only 10% of the guaranteed fee, which is $50.00. You worked hard for your gig fee so you should be rewarded as such.

For events that offer the door fee only, GigginVT Productions will charge $20.00. That's it! This will allow the artists to receive fair prices for lower paying gigs.

For events that offer ticketed sales for large venues/theaters, GigginVT productions will charge 15% of the ticket sales. These events require a lot of push to sell tickets and aggressive time and promotion! 

You do not need to be a member to be booked by GigginVT Productions, however membership artists will receive first consideration for any gig availability. (for more information on membership please see below).

Events booked through GigginVT Productions will provide a performance contract for each event. This will ensure that the gig fee is fair and agreed upon by both the vendor and the artists. PA Systems, sound-check times, set times, breaks allowed, and any additional offerings from the venue are captured in the contract so our artists go into each gig without confusion. Performance contracts also prevent the possibility of double booking.

We  put all our event listings in local calendars, newpapers, and local radio event calendars. 

Gig fees are primarily the responsibility of the artist for payment (unless otherwise arranged by the venue). We offer convenient online invoicing and payment for all events that we book for you. 

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